Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sunday - Catholics go to Mass, the Japanese go discount store shopping. Today I went to Don Quijote, a chain of discount stores, for the first time in search of a suitcase. You can literally find everything there. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. I couldn't even make out half of what the stuff was, just that it was strange.

Discount underwear, always a good thing.


Discount booze. So far, so good.

Hello Kitty crap.

No idea what this is. You put your face in it like the picture. Any idea?!

Ear piercers.

Beautiful shoes.

Again, no idea. Intrigued by the picture on the right of what appears to be a column of a wax-like substance.

Very important.

Everyone needs a Happy Warmmy.

Singing Minnie. Is it just me that thinks she looks a bit like a blow-up doll though?

Giant birthday hats.

Dog clothes.

Yum, creamy collon!

Vanilla cream McVitie's actually sound very good. Better than Creamy Collon.

Mickey Mouse frying pan - nothing is complete without a cartoon character in Japan.

Air purifiers

Face & body shaver. Ok!

Not disturbing at all.

Wigs galore

Surely a bit disrespectful to Buddha but anyway..

Lovery Minnie indeed

No idea what Gold Premium is but if it helps me look like him..

Rain suit for Ladies

Eyelid pushing device. "Don't you want to make your eyes bigger?" Sounds threatening.

No idea what this was - they looked like bean bag boobs but they seem to be causing her some pain

Nothing worse than dusty air.

Hair dyes with interesting names

Maybe a dusty mouth is worse than dusty air

Bubble bath to make you skinny

"One piece" cartoon toilet paper.

The whole shop had these little screens playing mad videos advertising stuff, like this ad for No-No hair remover.

I've saved the best for last - the men's underwear section. The eyes cannot unsee.

I didn't get the suitcase but the memories alone were worth the trip.

Oh, Don Quijote, the pleasure was all mine.

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