Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Over 700 views?! I have no idea who's reading this, or if anyone is checking back but I do apologise for the lack of posts lately. The thing is I'm slowly losing my mind, and I'd like to keep that as private as possible to avoid embarrassment.

I joke, of course. Kind of. Since Osaka, I haven't really travelled because it is seriously expensive and I'm trying to save my yen for the new year, so I'm going a bit stir crazy.

Last weekend, I went to the zoo near my university, which was possibly the most depressing zoo in the world, all plastic trees and grey walls and the animals going a little bit mad just pacing back and forth. Which is a bit like me waiting for the clock to tick 6pm on a weekday.

The weekend before we joined in Nagoya's Gay Pride parade, which was much bigger than we had previously thought. It's kind of a conservative city and what I had heard of the general attitude towards homosexuality wasn't great. Generally same sex couples can be turned away from hotels and hostels and I haven't seen any openly gay couples out and about, excuse the pun. But the parade managed to draw a lot of people, and there were some pretty fierce looking guys in drag. As it was the weekend before Halloween, there were a lot of people in fancy dress, and we weren't sure if they actually knew they were walking in a gay pride parade. They seemed happy though.

Next I shall go to Kyoto, hopefully at the end of the month, and be filled with cheer, wit and anecdotes galore. Until then I'll be pacing..

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